TrafficOne Consumer Applications Sunsetting FAQS

General and our relationships with users, partners, and affiliates are a high priority for the Traffic Team. As part of the strategy execution that was announced in 2011, we are building new capabilities in traffic, but also must retire and decommission some products and older systems to meet our goals for next generation traffic delivery systems. More information about the impacts of these product retirements are available below:


What are Magnets?

A Magnet is a free widget where any user can sign-up to pull free dynamic traffic content to embed on their own web sites in several configurable styles. It is very similar to html widgets.

When will the magnet service end?

Magnets will be shut-down on December 14, 2012.

I’m not sure whether or not I have a “magnet” on my site – what do they look like?

If your traffic information looks like the examples provided here:, then you still have an active traffic magnet on your site that needs to be removed before Dec. 14th.

How can I easily find and remove the Magnet html code block from my source code?

You can easily find and remove the Magnet by searching for the leading comment and end comments that were provided on all magnets:
<!-- START OF TRAFFIC.COM TrafficMagnet -->
<!-- END OF TRAFFIC.COM TrafficMagnet -->

What happens if I don’t remove the Magnet?

Your website will not be adversely affected in any way aside from the fact that traffic content will no longer show up where the magnet is located. Instead, if you haven't removed the magnet by Dec 14, 2012, you will either see an error code where traffic content used or there will be a link to more information located where the magnet used to be.

Will there be an alternative service offered?

We are not planning to offer a direct replacement for the magnet service at this time. You can always link to the city-specific pages on listed at the bottom half of the website.

What will happen to Will it be affected? is a key part of Nokia Location and Commerce’s traffic program. We are retiring a relatively low-use magnet service but will continue to provide all users with the best traffic information available through our website. We are looking forward to bringing users more information on upcoming improvements to in 2013.

If your question was not answered here or if you have concerns as a customer or partner of the TrafficOne/ services, you may contact us directly for more information at